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The Story of Baldomera

written by Enrique G. Ballesteros & Ismael F. Arias and illustrated by Ayesha L. Rubio

Every time Ismael left for work, Baldomera felt a bit sad. But he always returned a few days later. Then a long time passed without any sign of Ismael. Where could her best friend be? Inspired by a true story – millions of people have been touched by the tears of Baldomera following the confinement.

Rights sold: Portuguese (Brazil)

Hardback / 255 x 275 / 44 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones

A Song for Each Emotion

written by Susanna Isern and illustrated by Mónica Carretero with songs by Javier Ferrero

Shall we sing the song of anger? Or the one of joy, sadness, jealousy, envy, fear, surprise, love, disgust or shame? Ah! And of course we also have a song for our great researcher, Inspector Drilo. And another one for the Emotionometer!

Rights sold: Ukrainian, Italian & Polish

Hardback / 275 x 255 / 60 pages / NubeOcho

I Am A Scary Vampire

written by José Carlos Andrés and illustrated by Gómez

“I’M A ZCARY VAMBIRE! A VERY ZCARY VAMBIRE! WITH ZE FANGZ AND ALL!” This tiny vampire isn’t all that scary. Even worse, he himself is really scared of the upcoming Vampire School exam. What if he fails?

Rights sold: Italian & English (UK/US)

Paperback / 220 x 290 / 40 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones

The Incredible Ship of Captain Skip

written by Alicia Acosta and illustrated by Cecilia Morena

Join Captain Skip and his crew on their amazing journey across the seas. But first, you’ll make your own paper ship with easy-to-follow instructions! Through their adventure, their ship will be damaged. At the same time, you’ll be tearing off pieces of your paper ship with a nice surprise at the end!

Rights sold: Italian & English (UK/US)

Hardback / 275 x 255 / 44 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones

This Poop Is Mine

written and illustrated by Gusti

Just as he did every morning, George the dog went out into the garden and left a little present. Just as she did every morning, Lola, a very flitty fly, went out to buzz around and stretch her wings. Lola fly loves poop. So does Fiona fly. But Lola saw it first! Who will get to call the great big poop their own?

Rights sold: Swedish, Italian, English (UK/US) & Korean

Hardback / 250 x 250 / 40 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones

Berta’s Boxes

written by Dario Alvisi and illustrated by Amélie Graux

Berta is the perfect kid. She’s tidy, she never throws a tantrum, she never cries… Whenever she feels overwhelmed, she opens one of her boxes of emotions and puts inside tears, fear and anger. But what would happen if one day, she loses control?

Rights sold: Italian, English (UK/US) & Korean

Hardback / 240 x 290 / 44 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones


written by Mariasole Brusa and illustrated by Marta Sevilla

This witch wants to steal a kid. She flies on her broom and sees Adam playing with his dolls.The winning text of the contest Narrating Equality from the author Mariasole Brusa, illustrated by Marta Sevilla. Backed by the association Woman to Be.

Rights sold: English (UK/USA), Italian & Korean

Hardback / 220 x 290 / 40 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones


written by Dolores Brown and illustrated by Sonja Wimmer

What would happen if a seal and a turtle were transformed into humans? Mimbi and Kipo don’t really like this change… What can they do to return to their original form?

Rights sold: Italian, English (UK/US), Portuguese (Portugal) & Greek

Paperback / 275 x 255 / 44 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones


written by A.H. Benjamin and illustrated by Anne Vasko

On the way home we found a monkey swinging in a tree, an alligator jumping in a puddle, a zebra tap-dancing, a tiger bouncing on a trampoline and a hippo doing weight-lifting. There’s a lot to discover on the way home.

Rights sold: Italian & English (UK/US)

Paperback / 275 x 255 / 44 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones


Susanna Isern & Gómez

The new boat of the Fearless Piranhas is roaming the seas. These pirates have gained their fame by saving people in danger and acquiring marvellous treasures. Sequel to DANIELA THE PIRATE.

280 x 240 / 44 pages

World except Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English (UK/US) & Complex Chinese