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Miriam, Tell Me

written by Orna Pilz & illustrated by Moran Yogev

Miriam, Tell Me is a historical novel for beginner readers based on the Biblical character Miriam who saved her brother Moses thanks to her courage and resourcefulness. Through her clever eyes and fresh voice, young readers get an insight into the ways of life and the dramatic  upheavals of the time.

Orna Pilz’s simple and sharp writing builds a bridge over thousands of years for young readers of today together with Moran Yogev’s stunning illustrations.

Hardback / 165 x 235 / 88 pages / Kinneret Publishing

The Dreamer Dreamt a Dream

written by Şiirsel Taş & Illustrated by Oğuz Demir

This is a collection of short stories, both realistic and fantasy. Two siblings buying their mother a flytrap as a birthday present which turns out to be a spagettitrap, a family uselessly trying to find a family photo of their own, a boy speaking “balloonish”, a snail longing to see the sea and making friends with a mussel, a white wish rabbit choosing between folded papers, inside which poems about fortune is written, a breadcrumb setting out on a journey which ends up in blue sky… These colorful characters invite dreamers to a dream land full of surprises!

Paperback / 135 x 195 / 128 pages / Redhouse Kidz


What is Happening to Nicolas?

written by Juana Cortés Amunarriz & illustrated by Raquel Díaz Reguera

Sofi realises that something’s up with Nicolás. He’s losing his colors! First the color of his hair; his orange hair. Then the green tones go…

The doctor will tell him to eat tangerines, and some kiwis. But, can his problems be solved with fruit? A must-have book for the shelves of every home and classroom, and not just for children suffering at the hands of bullies, but for all youngsters. It works on empathy and the need to talk about bullying.

Paperback / 145 x 210 / 76 pages / NubeOcho



written by Jesper Lindqvist

If it hadn’t been for the wasp, Silas wouldn’t have noticed that his hand had gone invisible. He wouldn’t either have found out that the school janitor is more than a janitor or that there are ancient tunnels underneath the school yard. If it had been up to Silas, things would go back to .

But it’s not and he is pulled into a whole new world, where danger lurks in every corner.

Paperback / 155 x 215 / 208 pages / Olika Forlag




written by Joanna Berggren

Jamina has always been different – she can hold her breath for what seems like forever and cope with cold better than anyone else. When Milo joins her school, Jamina discovers there are others like her. Before long, Ismail the Guardian discovers their special powers. Ismail guards the last Ice Gate, the entrance to a world where magic and mystery are part of everyday life. A world about to perish that only Jamina and Milo can save.

Paperback / 155 x 215 / 132 pages / Olika Forlag


written by Ernani Ssó & illustrated Marilda Castanha

With the dry humour and dignity that the subject deserves, and with the lightness and cadence of the oral narrative,

Ernani Ssó tells nine stories in which the protagonist is Death. Death appears in its various disguises, staging the great character that it is.

Paperback / 140 x 210 / 304 pages / Companhias das Letrinhas



written by Ana Maria Machado &  illustrated Christine Röhrig

In this extremely sensitive text, Ana Maria Machado patches together literary classics to tell the story of a woman who spent her whole life singing “the lady and the loom” while washing clothes in the river in the mornings, going to church in the afternoons, and telling her stories at night. Until one day, she decides it’s time for a change and embroiders a new story and a whole new world.

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish                                                             Paperback / 210 x 280 / 48 pages / Companhias das Letrinhas

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Alphabet Cloud series

Written by Alp Gökalp & various illustrators
alphabet-cloud-coverImagine a place where letters and punctuation marks have a secret life of their own. They live in a land called “Alphabet Cloud” and they look just like human beings. A perfect series for children who start to learn letters that also deals with issues like heritage, equality, generosity…. S mumbled: “What if I were another letter?” / ü cried out: “What am I to do without my dots?” / R asked nervously: “Where are you my dearest comma?” / O and C asked at once: “Who am I?” / Bulut and Selis asked in surprise: “Where have all the trees gone?”

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written by Cecilia Rihs & illustrated by Jenny Lindqvist
Mission: The Water Witch – Lina and her friend Pepper promised to help Grandma Hilda complete her Secret Guide for Adventurers. And to finish it, they need to try all of the adventures listed in the Guide. Their first mission is to find out more about Water Witches. How do you protect yourself from them? And how can you read a top-secret message if it’s written in invisible ink? A thrilling series full of adventures.
Mission: The Genie in the Bottle – If you find a genie in a bottle, you’d better be careful. Wanna know why? Join Lina and Pepper on their latest top-secret mission and you will find out!
Mission: The Swamp Trolls – Lina and Pepper have been sent on a new mission. This time, Christmas is at stake! Someone or something is trying to ruin Christmas. Gifts disappear, the gingerbread dough tastes like salt…                                    RIGHTS SOLD: Danish

Hotel Wunderbar

written by Jutta Nymphius & illustrated by Stephan Pricken

cover_hotel_wunderbar_72Since his mother passed away, nothing is the same. Mika’s father stays in his office all day and the Hotel Wonderful is empty and lifeless. If only things could be like they used to be !

When Mika meets Teddy, a homeless man and his dog Silvester, he decides on his own to offer them a room in secret. It seems that only his father is unaware of his little scheme. Inspired by a true story that took place in Brussels.

Hardback / 210 x 148 / 144 pages / Tulipan Verlag