Carlota Wouldn’t Say Boo

written by José Carlos Andrés & illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga

Carlota cover

Little Carlota is timid and afraid to speak. One day, by accident, she was locked inside the house’s pantry, alone, with only tomato cans and marmalade jars around her. Using her voice will be the only way to help her get out of there.

José Carlos Andrés trained as a teacher but never managed to go into practice because theatre entered his life.

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean.When he went on stage for the first time, he discovered that making the audience laugh is something as magic as a fairy broom or a witch wand, but it takes you even further. He is fascinated by writing as it allows him to create new worlds full of laughter and emotions.

Emilio Urberuaga is one of Spain’s most international artists. He has a very personal style that brings to life an endless amount of endearing characters such as Manolito, Olivia, or Hilda the Giant Sheep. Carlota is his last creation and she is the protagonist of his first book with NubeOcho Ediciones, written by José Carlos Andrés. Throughout his long career, he has received numerous awards such as the Ospite d’Onore Prize, the Crítica Serra d’Or Award, the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu Prize and the Spanish National Illustration Award. His books have been translated into many different languages: Spanish, French, Italian, English, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Finnish, Lithuanian, German…

Hardback / 210 x 245 / 40 pages / NubeOcho · Somos8 Series