The Duck-Legged Pirate

Written by José Carlos Andrés & illustrated by Myriam Cameros Sierra

El pirata«Desalmau was the most fearsome Captain of all the Northern, the Southern, the Eastern, and the Western seas. He was so fearsome that he never shaved in order to avoid looking himself in the mirror.» A terrifying story to help us overcome our fears!

José Carlos Andrés trained as a teacher but never managed to go into practice because theatre came into his life. When he went on stage for the first time, he discovered that making the audience laugh is something as magic as a fairy broom or a witch wand, but it takes you even further. He is fascinated by writing as it allows him to create new worlds full of laughter and emotions.

Myriam Cameros Sierra studied at the Technical University of Valencia where she came into contact with the world of illustrations, comics and animation. She became known for the numerous publications of her book La cenicienta que no quería comer perdices (The Cinderella who did not want to live happy ever after) (Editorial Planeta, Txalaparta). Currently, she is both an illustrator and a teacher, tackling the need of a critical visual literacy in a world of images.

Hardback / 250 x 290 / 44 pages / NubeOcho · Somos8 Series