The Galinos

Written by Luis Amavisca & illustrated by Noemí Villamuza

The GalinosCome with us to the Planet Gala and discover all of its wonders: the galatrees, the galabars and the galacomputers… You will meet The Galinos, the special aliens who are trying to save their planet, but not without some challenges. A very special book about the importance of protection your own planet! Luis Amavisca graduated in Musicology and Art History and he also completed a two-year program on the five senses in the Università dell’ Immagine in Milan.  RIGHTS SOLD: Korean

He is a plastic artist and he has also worked with photography, video and installations. He has exhibited his work in Málaga, Paris, Basel and Berlin. Some of his pieces belong to the permanent collection of the Málaga Centre for Contemporary Art. His books have been widely reviewed in the Spanish press and he is working on new texts for the SOMOS8 series.

Noemí Villamuza has published over forty books in Castilian and her works have been published in the U.S., Korea, Japan and Brazil, among other countries. She has won several awards such as the National Children’s Literature Award (1999), National Publishing Award (2005), and selected for the National Award for illustration by the Ministry of Culture in Spain.

Hardback / 250 x 290 / 40 pages / NubeOcho · Somos8 Series