written by Gökçe Gökçeer & illustrated by Mustafa Gündem

poti-coverPöti is the story of a real dog and the series were written to create awareness about animal shelters. The first book of the series is Pöti where we get to know this cool dog and read about how she meets her owner. The second book is Pöti ve Dede (Pöti and Granddad) and in this story, Pöti finds an injured dog on the street and together with her owner they take this dog to the vet and name him. Granddad is also a real dog who is very old. We meet an interesting space dog named Astro in the third book of the series, Pöti’s Grey Tooth. Pöti has a grey tooth and from the beginning it was a mystery how she got that tooth. In this story, we travel across the universe and meet Astro who will tell us the story behind the grey tooth. 16,000 copies sold. 

Paperback / 200 x 200 / 46 pages / Redhouse Kidz