written by Cecilia Rihs & illustrated by Jenny Lindqvist
Mission: The Water Witch – Lina and her friend Pepper promised to help Grandma Hilda complete her Secret Guide for Adventurers. And to finish it, they need to try all of the adventures listed in the Guide. Their first mission is to find out more about Water Witches. How do you protect yourself from them? And how can you read a top-secret message if it’s written in invisible ink? A thrilling series full of adventures.
Mission: The Genie in the Bottle – If you find a genie in a bottle, you’d better be careful. Wanna know why? Join Lina and Pepper on their latest top-secret mission and you will find out!
Mission: The Swamp Trolls – Lina and Pepper have been sent on a new mission. This time, Christmas is at stake! Someone or something is trying to ruin Christmas. Gifts disappear, the gingerbread dough tastes like salt…                                    RIGHTS SOLD: Danish

Mission: The Frighteners – Lina and Pepper’s latest adventure involves Frighteners lurking in an abandoned house. But what is a Frightener? Are they really as frightening as the name suggests…?

Hardback / 68 – 93 pages / Olika Forlag