written & illustrated by Einat Tsarfati

Roads 1From a very young age, Nili loved going on buses. Buses had something soothing about them, like the rocking of a cradle or a boat at sea. She used to make her way home on three different buses. She also did not have anything important to come home to. Nili lived in the house of her grandmother who had passed away. From a very young age, Arye loved going on buses. He came to Mandatory Palestine as a boy, in the late 1930’s and with the establishment of the State of Israel he received his own bus, and drove it along the roads of the young country. As the years went by, Arye decided that he and his bus needed to take action and he decided to be a lifeline, a rescue ship for those who feel that the flood is going to drown them. A touching story of two people whose lives cross and safe each other.