The Neighbours

written & illustrated by Einat Tsarfati

“I live in a building that is seven stories high. Every floor has a slightly different door. The first door has a lot of locks. That apartment belongs to a family of thieves. They just love ancient Egyptian artifacts. The second door is always surrounded by muddy footprints. That is the home of an old hunter and his pet tiger.” A delightful journey up a building and through the imagination of a young girl who imagines who her neighbours are just from the look of their front door.  With every page comes a new world of endless details and surprises. Winner of the 2017 Hapinkas Award.

Rights sold: Russian, English, Danish, French, Spanish, Catalan, Hebrew, Italian, German, Turkish, Korean, Simplified & Complex Chinese, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Portuguese (Br), Latvian, Afrikaans, Dutch & Japanese

Hardback / 210 x 270 / 48 pages / Einat Tsarfati