Snowy White and Pitch Black

written by Hilli Rand & illustrated by Catherine Zarip

Sysimust KAAS.inddTwo cats live in a small hous, surrounded by a large garden with two high posts at the gate. Amadeus and Ludvig. One snowly white, the other pitch black. They are good friends. One day, their family goes on a trip, leaving the cats guarding the house. The book tells us, how they succeeded and whom they met.

RIGHTS SOLD: Polish, Slovenian & Latvian

Catherine Zarip (1966) had two dreams in childhood: to become an astronaut or a book illustrator. In 1995 she graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts as a ceramist but soon switched over to book design and illustration. She believes that an illustration must help readers not only understand the text but to see behind it. Catherine Zarip is a member of Estonian Graphic Designers Association, and Department of IBBY Estonia.

Hilli Rand (1957) has loved books and reading from early childhood. Three children and four grandchildren offer her lot of inspiration for writing books. She has published about a dozen of
children’s books already. During her life she has worked as a translator, teacher and at theater, as well as conducted scientific research. His hobbies include gardening, hiking, traveling.

Hardback / 210 × 210 / 32 pages / Päike ja Pilv