The Fish in the Hat

written by Melek Özlem Sezer & illustrated by Deniz Üçbaşaran

On a hot summer day a crowded family is having a picnic on the seaside. A strong gust of wind throws granddad’s hat into the sea. The father quickly dives in and when he comes out they see a bright red fish wiggling in the hat. Not knowing what to do, they put the fish in a tiny bowl and bring it back home. That night the family is awakened by the  sounds of the sea.As the fish longs to turn back to the sea, each night the house is taken by a different surprise. First it is covered in seaweed, and then flooded by seawater. A poetic tale with beautiful illustrations about how we should respect nature as it is.

Redhouse Kidz / Paperback / 230 x 290 / 36 pages

World except Turkish, French