Tikir’s Strawberry Day (Green Series)

written & illustrated by Aysun Berktay Özmen

Green series 3Here is the perfect series for spring! Green Series includes three books and each one is a heartwarming animal tale set in spring.

TIKIR’S STRAWBERRY DAY is the story of the squirrel Tıkır. It is his birthday and he wants to throw a birthday party but everybody is saying they cannot attend as they have other things to do. Who will eat that big strawberry cake his mom made?

Aysun Berktay Özmen started her career as an art teacher. In 2010 she won Tudem Literature Awards “Write, Draw, Paint Greeting to the Books!” for her book named The Gardener Mole and the Termite Kıvırcık. In 2010 she also won Gulten Dayioglu Illustrated Children’s Book Award with her book named Ecoist Frog King. She lives in the countryside and continues her work from her studio near a lake where she observes the nature and continues to write stories about nature.

Hardback / 170 x 240 / 44 pages / Redhouse Publishing