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written Kristina Henkel & Marie Tomičić

cover_show_your_child_1An amazing book that helps parents, educators, childcare providers and everyone else who wants to show children the many options and opportunities available beyond gender stereotypes. The authors use everyday examples and humor to show that gender traps lie in wait for us all over the place, among toys and clothes, feelings and friendships.

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean, Spanish, Serbian & Norwegian

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My Family

written & illustrated by Anna-Clara Tidholm

What is a family? Mum, dmy family coverad and a child? Granny and a cat? Or a dad and three children? Is a family supposed to stay in one place or is it better to move around? Gabriella wonders and decides to ask a variety of children about their families. This is a book about families and how different they can look. Every child tells their story from their own perspective. Traditional families, new families – they are all included. And no matter how the families look, to the small child their own family is the family.

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Kick It, Charlotte (Soccer Stars series)

written by Jennifer Wegerup & illustrated by Bettina Johansson

kick it charlotte coverCharlotte plays soccer in a local all-girls soccer team called Ekby. They participate in a tournament called the Super Cup in another town and ends up in second place. Charlotte is very disappointed, and vows to win the Super Cup next year.


Soccer is growing more popular among girls all over the world. But almost all soccer books are about boys! These books are based on the childhood memories of famous female soccer players and they are written by well-known Swedish sports journalists. Continue reading

It’s Not Fair!

written by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & illustrated by Caroline Röstlund

It's not fair

One gets to ride in the stroller. The other has to walk. UNFAIR! One can stay up and cuddle in the sofa even if it’s late while the other has to go to bed. UNFAIR! A clever story about siblings’ rivalry – with a fair ending.

RIGHTS SOLD: Danish & Korean

Hardback / 155 x 155 / 28 pages / OLIKA Förlag


Wilma and Happy Series

written by Anneli Khayati & illustrated by Mikael Sjömilla

wilma and happy

COURAGE WITH WILMA AND HAPPY W- Wilma is in a wheel chair and she is using her wheels, instead of her legs, to go around. It is Saturday and Wilma and Happy are playing soccer. Happy kicks the ball really hard and by accident into the garden of an angry woman. Now they have to use their courage and act fast. IBBY’s outstanding book! 

TOGETHER WITH WILMA AND HAPPY – When Wilma comes back to school after being ill, nothing is like it used to be. Happy does not wait for her when the bell rings but runs off with Sandra. Continue reading

Konrad Series

written by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & illustrated by Caroline Röstlund

Konrad's dress

When Konrad sees Hedvig’s new sparkling dress, he is dying to try on the dress and asks Hedvig. He is so excited that he doesn’t want to get it back until grandma comes in and find a sparkling solution. Also in the series: KONRAD AND THE CANDY / KONRAD AND THE LUCIA PROCESSION / KONRAD AND THE BIRTHDAY PARTY.


Hardback  / 185 x 185 / 24 pages / OLIKA Förlag

Tessla’s Mum Says: I Don’t Want to!

written by Äsa Mendel-Hartvig & illustrated by Caroline Röstlund

Tessla's mum coverMom doesn’t want to go home. She doesn’t want to climb the stairs and she doesn’t want to eat or brush her teeth. But Tessla is really smart and she knows how to get her mom to do it anyway. RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish

Also TESSLA’S DAD SAYS: I DON’T WANT TO! Dad doesn’t want to get up. He doesn’t want to drink his coffee, get dressed or even go to work. But Tessla once again knows how to get her dad to it anyway. Continue reading

Kivi and the Monster Dog

written by Jesper Lundqvist & illustrated by Bettina Johansson

Kivi coverKivi is a small child with a strong will. All Kivi wants for the upcoming birthday is a dog. And one morning there is a dog waiting outside the bedroom door. But it is not the kind of dog that was expected … A hilarious story that changed the Swedish language and the way we look at gender. Do not miss the sequel KIVI AND THE CRYING GORAFFE.

The first children’s book in which the Swedish gender neutral pronoun hen is used instead of he/she.  Continue reading

Kivi and the Crying Goraffa

written by Jesper Lundqvist & illustrated by Bettina Johansson

Kivi & Goraffa coverKivi refuses to get out of the bathroom. The line is getting longer with family members needing to use it too. But Kivi won’t come out until they promise to get Kivi a gorilla. Finally Kivi takes the whole family to the zoo to look for gorillas. But they are hard to find and instead Kivi finds another creature – a goraffa who is crying all the time. Kivi takes the Goraffa home, and of course it is challenging as the goraffa never stops crying as it cries both when it is sad and when it is happy … Continue reading

Dojo Goes Treasure Hunting Series

written by Karin Salmson & illustrated by Marcus Brengesjö

Dojo Treasure coverMeet Dojo and his friends – Aisha, Maya and Gorby . All the characters can wear whatever colour they want and show ther feelings. Colourful, fun and easy books about everyday adventures. Dojo and Maya are searching for a treasure. Is it inside or is it outside? Or maybe high up in the tree? Also in the series:

DOJO IS PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK – Where is Dojo? Not here and not there? Can you find him. Continue reading