Lucy & Joey Collection

THE MAGIC POTION                                                                                                                             written Elisa Vázquez  & illustrated by João Valente

 LucyLucy is very short, Joey is very tall and kids at school make fun of them. One day, the new mysterious teacher at school proposes something that will change their lives: to travel during one night to another world in which they will get a potion that will give them their desired height.

Will the children reach their goal? Who are all those characters that inhabit the ’’Always Further’’ Country? Wizards, Witches, Sorcerers, dragons… and a lot more that you will meet in the “Adventures of Lucy and Joey”.RETURN TO MOUNTCROWN                                                                                                           written by Elisa Vázquez & illustrated João Valente

Lucy 2 When Lucy and Joey’s lives seemed to come back to normal, weird events will make them guess that the ’’Always Further’’ Country is in danger. Our friends will need to decipher mysterious enigmas and they will meet new characters. The magic awaits you behind the entrance door to the “Always Further” Country.

Elisa Vázquez is an educator and she has worked in the fields of socio-linguistics and reception groups for foreign students. She has worked in preschool teaching for over 15 years.  She has written children’s poetry and academic articles.

João Valente is an architect, a musician and an illustrator. He likes surfing almost as much as he likes drawing. This love drove him to choose illustration as his favourite profession. He has illustrated travelling guides and also the book Benita and the fairy Tangerine, written by Juana Cortés Amunárriz.

Paperback / 150 x 230 / 212 pages / NubeOcho · + 10 years