Wilma and Happy Series

written by Anneli Khayati & illustrated by Mikael Sjömilla

wilma and happy

COURAGE WITH WILMA AND HAPPY W- Wilma is in a wheel chair and she is using her wheels, instead of her legs, to go around. It is Saturday and Wilma and Happy are playing soccer. Happy kicks the ball really hard and by accident into the garden of an angry woman. Now they have to use their courage and act fast. IBBY’s outstanding book! 

TOGETHER WITH WILMA AND HAPPY – When Wilma comes back to school after being ill, nothing is like it used to be. Happy does not wait for her when the bell rings but runs off with Sandra. Happy and Sandra are playing horse games, which does not interest Wilma much. Nothing feels good anymore. Will Wilma and Happy become friends again?

LOVE WITH WILMA AND HAPPY – There is a new child coming to Wilma’s class. He likes the space just like Wilma does and they become friends. Wilma feels all warm when she sees him or when she thinks of him. But when her friends tell everybody how she feels about him in front of everyone, she gets angry: she wants to tell him herself!

Hardback / 220 x 155 / 40 pages / OLIKA Förlag